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Kirsten Marilyn


KIirstin came to me as part of a local New Jersey band, Verity in Stereo, which had seen modest success, but had the desire to become her own solo artist. In order to break away successfully, she needed to find a genre identity that would work and truly push boundaries.


  • In a band - Verity in Stereo - with the desire to be a solo artist. 

At the Moment...

Lynn's songwriting team wrote Kiirsten's debut solo EP with her, entitled "Something to Die For," and came up with a story, sound, and brand that stayed true to her intense artistic core.


Lynn produced her single "For Peace" and put Kiirstin together with Todd Weinstock (Glassjaw, Men Women and Children), Brian Deneeve (of the famous rockband Autumn to Ashes) and Pavel Bez.


We also set her up with Lucia Holm, a world famous NY based photographer.


We organized a showcase for Kiirstin and she immediately got an amazing

response from industry. 







"……………."  and interest from labels such as Fueled By Ramen.



She's since been on the Warped tour and won Raw Artist of the year for the second time in a row.  She is currently very active as a singer songwriter and is working on follow up material independently. 


Kiirstin has an extremely strong and loyal fanbase and a huge online presence. She is one of our most active live performers, having toured the United States extensively as well as most of Europe. 





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