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Lynn Verlayne Studio Office

Music Labels are no longer developing artists, and publishers are not signing anyone who doesn't already have a hit song.


LVS was created as a boutique studio to help bridge the gap from independent songwriter to Music Industry success, in real and tangible ways.


Our acts have gone on to Billboard worldwide hit songs, BMG publishing deals, magazine covers & featured articles, and more...our proven strategy takes artists from scratch all the way to mainstream press in a matter of months.

You don't have to live in Nashville or NYC to get access and the guidance to become a household name in music! the time is now!

This is Lynn Verlayne Studio.

Just a Few of the Things We Offer...



It all comes down to the songs.

We have a strong focus on creative development, as we believe it is key element to what makes or breaks acts. With us you will work on your original material alongside our global, Grammy nominated team of songwriters and A&R department.

Craft and perfect your story, and align with who-you-really-are. This is all about integrity and respecting your true voice.  All genres.




(You do NOT need to be in Nashville or NYC to do this)

With a strong focus on creative development, we mentor and guide each artist using our experience, team and music industry network to help them move forward. What we do works. Just look at the countless press and radio snippets on our social media pages.  Our acts get results, and we get many of them deals, mainstream press and billboard hits in a matter of months.

Each artist gets access to a mix of creative development (songwriting, production, vocal training)  branding, social media, PR and management. 

We go where no other company goes. 

  • A holistic approach to Development and Management

  • One-On-One Artist Mentoring

  • Grammy winning Songwriting and Production team.

  • Social Media Strategy and Branding

  • Marketing Straegy & PR

  • Acces to Global Music Industry Network

  • Proactive Pursuit of opportunities for YOUR music

  • Film & TV Licensing

  • Radio Promo (we work with Billboard promoters)

  • From songwriting to mainstream press in a matter of months.



As a part of our roster, you will be eleigle for any industry opportunities that come our way, as we proactively exploit your music. Whatever your goal is, we know what it takes, and we will get you there. Includes but not limited to licensing opportunities, film and TV, radio placement and interviews, billboard placements, press, bookings for shows, touring, TV shows and interviews etc..



Organic or electronic and hand in hand with  brand and goals. We create recordings using the best session players, producers and studios in the world, making sure everything is seamless, with a sustainable career and a succesful release, press and hundreds of thousands of fans as a result



Our videos have gathered millions of views and have been featured on top press sites.

Top of the line music videos from creative, to story boards to team building and editing as well as video promo. 



In a world bombarded with media, a multi-layered but coherent brand, is extremely important across all the platforms, from song to sound and press. We create an undeniable image and strategy that allows the artist to be remain uniquely true to themselves. It is crucial to have a brand that is just as strong as your songs.
Photo shoots, video shoots, website, social media, you name it - we do it.
Our products are constantly featured in the worlds biggest media.




Our social media promo technique gets our artists thousands of organic and REAL fans before a song is even released. Our artists have been featured in hundreds of press articles, blogs and interviews across the world. Just take a peak at our Facebook page, or some of our artists' websites for the latest news.



Are you located in the United States?  Want to stay and work in the country?

 We have helped several artists obtain a visa in order to work with us.

 We have relationships with the best lawyers in the country and know exactly what it takes to get 0-1 or EB1 visas. 

Some of the Companies We Work With...

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