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"Working with Lynn & Michael...I mean, I truly consider them like family. It was the best thing that could've happened for my career..." 


Harper Starling (#1 Billboard Charting Artist - her song "Euphoria," written, produced, and promoted by team LVS, was the 30th biggest dance song in 2018!!!) 



"I just wanted to take this time and let you know how happy and blessed I feel to be working with you. I have learned so much already from you and you have pulled so much out of me I always knew existed but always doubted. You have become such an important person in my life and for that I thank you. I beyond appreciate your spirit and your soul and the magic you've made happen. "


- Sara Syms (2014 IMEA Folk Arts Nominee) 

Lynn Verlayne Studio Testimonials

LVS in Action

Lynn Verlayne Video Production
Lynn Verlayne Music Videos

"Lynn is terrific! She is incredibly full of knowledge and had so much to say about my music & the direction I should go. She said I need to highlight my voice the way it should be..and also mentioned a few cross-over ideas as well... I look forward to working with such an exquisite woman! She has motivated me to write write write... and rethink my image/branding.. something in my soul tells me that i'm on the edge of something great!! Quit is not a word i believe in.. very happy about the meeting!!."


- Parson James, current RCA artist and collaborator with KYGA


“I’ve worked with Lynn on several projects. She is so talented and passionate about her music and her artists. Collaborating continues to be fun and fulfilling each time. I strongly recommend her because I know she only delivers what she says she will. As a mentor and a coach, you’ll be in good hands!”


-Jimmy Greco (Carlos Santana / Jennifer Lopez / Beyonce)


I've worked with lynn in a variety of contexts: writing, producing, mixing, artist development. Lynn is professional, musical, and she knows her way around the maze that is our current industry. She has carved out a unique niche at the nexus of artist development and music business consulting - but also has a rare abilty to produce and write at a high level."


Scott Jacoby - Grammy Nominated producer/songwriter (John Legend, Vanessa Hudgens, Pink)

Lynn Verlayne Studio Production

"Lynn has an uncanny talent for finding and producing new music talent.As an excellent writer herself, she has intuition for discovering new talent

and helping them become breakthrough artists."

John Loeffler -  Fieldhouse/BMG/Chrysalis


"Lynn has provided a streamlined approach to help navigate my career and she fully understands the necessary steps an artist must take to advance in the 21st century music business"


- John Thornhill



"As an artist, it is important to find someone who believes in your talent and can help you explore the depths within and beyond yourself. I am so grateful to have  found Lynn Verlayne. She has been an incredible creative force and guide in my life. When I met her, I was a shy eighteen-year-old wanting my story to be told and heard to people.  Lynn is helping me realize this dream and as a result, I am more confident with who I am and want to be. She believes in the true essence of music and helps artists find their organic voice. Lynn continues to be a big part of my life and I look forward to continue evolving in my career with her mentorship and support." 


- Caroline Cotto


Kiirsten Marilyn


"I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to New York after getting a scholarship at AMDA. I graduated with experience as a singer, having toured all over Asia, Europe, Middle East and South America in the most important theaters and auditoriums, I even gave a private show for the Royal Families of Malasia and Thailand with great success.


But I had a message, I wanted to start writing my own songs, my own style and I was ready to find the right people to help me develop my my identity as an artist.

I met Lynn and knew immediately that I was in front of an exceptional human being. Not only because of her intelligence and talent but because of her soul.


Working with Lynn has been a life changing experience. I have learned to write songs that are truly connected with who I am and right now we are starting the preproduction of my first single ever!!!


I have grown as a person. I feel the power of singing from my heart and Lynn has been a guiding light throughout the process.

It's so so exciting and I feel so blessed to count on her. She has been a great support in the US -where I had no family- and she has helped me get my Artist Visa so I can  record my first album in America

Lynn knows about tough love and she speaks the truth to help you grow.

She is like a spiritual mum to me.

I trust her with all my heart and I wish we can continue to work together for the rest of my career and co-create amazing music for the world to enjoy

I love Lynn


- Daiana Segovia


Lynn Verlayne Studio Testimonials

Daiana Segovia

Lynn is doing outstanding work in a field that is very important for the music industry to move forward - finding and developing artist talent.

I’ve been blessed to work with her as a mixing engineer and producer, and the material she hands me over is a pleasure to work with, great songs and outstanding performances.


- Marc Mozart - Mixing/Engineering

Lynn Verlayne Studio Success

Michelle Tran


"She is an incredible person to work with and puts in 100% of work even outside of work. Not only is she an amazing businesswoman, consultant, creative extraordinaire, she is a true friend that cares about her artists. I am so happy to have made the decision to work with you, you taught me how to invest in my career and believe in myself. Your dedication to make sure that I am headed in the right direction means the world to me."


- Michelle Tran

Lynn Verlayne Studio Success Artists

“I went into a monthly intensive plan with Lynn when I realized how much money and time she was saving me ( and that I'd want her to do more than the occasional task ). I travel a lot for work so it's difficult for me to do the legwork on meeting producers, getting photographers, making sure I'm doing the right things to get the sound / image / career I want. She's saved me a ridiculous amount of money by telling me what to avoid and where to put my resources strategically before running out, and has introduced me to people who are now working with me on my EP and what I'm paying is significantly less than I would have been paying if I'd found the producers & musicians my own and they're also alot better than what I would've found in that they're more radio-ready, modern & well-connected. “


- Misha


I truly believe Lynn has a rare gift of really getting to "the true essence of an artist." She is helping me to "ocus and define my brand which is so critical to the process of building a solid foundation and platform for a prosperous music career. I feel VERY lucky to be working with her!


Lynn also surrounds herself with people who share a very positive vibe and who are extremely talented as well. She is busy building an Island of Music Making that is very 'forward thinking' - creating music that exudes tremendous beauty with a deep vibration of honesty and heart connection - and it wouldn't surprise me if it's all on a level that is unlike anything the music industry has ever seen! It's a privilege to be part of her creative circle!


- Marjo Wilson


Working with Lynn Verlayne has been best decision I could have made for my career. She helped me focus to turn my good songs into great songs and helped me create a viable image where previously I had none. In an extremely comfortable environment, she challenged me to be the best artist I could be, and her connections int he industry have helped kick my music career into high gear.


She truly delivers on everything she promises, unlike some that claim to be in“artist development” but are really out for your money. Lynn Verlayne is someone That truly cares about her artists and their careers and wants to see each and everyone succeed.  I’m so glad to have worked with her and to have known her, and I look forward to continuing to work with her to move my career forward.


- Kiirsten Marilyn


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