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Her Majesty


  • Eager to write and record songs


  • Raised on the huge voices of the 90s, always had the desire to forge her own Pop iconography


  • Trained vocalist with a few festival and competition wins under her belt. Growing fan base as a theater performer.

Christina came to us as a local New York singer, trained in Opera and Theater, with the desire to turn her training into her own brand of Pop music. She was raised on the huge voices of the 90s (Celine Dion, Mariah Carey), and became more and more passionate about forging her own imprint on the Pop music scene.


Like most artists that come to us, she did not know how to set off on the right track in the industry. It became apparent early on that she was talented and driven enough to do whatever she set her mind to. It was not long before we developed her new brand "Dark Decadence."

At the Moment...


  • 4 Songs Produced

  • Photo Shoots, Branding

  • Vocal Arrangements for Tracks


  • Social Media Boost

  • 2 Music Videos

  • International Visibility


  • Major Publishing Deal with BMG

  • Sponsored O-1 Visa

  • WorldWide Press and Write-Ups

Lynn Verlayne and her hit songwriting team worked with ozonne on a series of songs including "We Glow," "Smile," and "Believe It To See It," She organized production with a world renowned producer and made sure there was a strong sound-brand connection.


We saw Ozonna as an artist of the new millennium ready to inspire millions with his positive and worldly vibe.


His first single music video, for "We Glow" was shot by director Blake Farber (Beyonce) in partnership with Smithingham Films. The song produced by Jimmy Greco (Santana, J.Lo) and Russ Desalvo (Celine Dion)


We shot new press pictures and came up with a comprehensive marketing plan for the global push of his debut. We also sponsored his 01 visa.


Shorlty after, "We Glow" made it onto MTV in Africa, got over a million views on World Star Hip Hop. Several singles are being released in 2015 to build on this initial success. The best is yet to come.


For Ozonna the journey has just begun.



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