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Aline Queen



  • One Song "BubbleGum Dreams" Written


  • Classically Trained Singer with Passion and Drive


  • Vision Not Working as a Whole

Aline came to us as a talented singer who with a classical training background and a strong desire to be a star, having already written a pop/dance song called "Bubblegum Dreams." 

Early on, Aline expressed to Lynn that she wanted to be seen as a "Pop Angel," and take the world by storm with her sweet presence and bold attitude. After only a few months, Lynn realized that this would not work, after seeing Aline's raw talent in action and the discovery that Aline had been working as a Professional dominatrix in Paris. There was no angel needed.

At the Moment...

After months of working one-on-one with Lynn, diving head on into  songwriting and working on a strong new identity that embraced her past and the intense sexuality that was always present in her work, which in turn lead to a visual brand and marketing plan.


Her new brand worked its way into the sonics of her project as well and we oversaw various productions with Grammy nominated producers Lee Groves (Madonna, Depeche Mode), Jimmy Greco (Santana, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce), Brian Deneeve, and many more. It was crucial that we figure out the best sound/visual combination.


Her first single "Break Your Heart" written and directed by LVS has collected nearly 400K views on youtube. It was followed by "Princess Boy," for which we collaborated with the Number 1 LGBT PR firm FlyLife, (Lady Gaga, Cindi Lauper, Gwen Stefani) on a marketing campaign, and got nationwide press, club gigs and bookings, and merchandising as a result!  Aline is headed for superstardom.


In 2013, we also got Aline signed to BMG/Chrysalis with an exclusive international publishing deal, and even sponsored her o1 visa. 


3rd single, "SuperFreak," for which we collaborated with a wild cast of characters to portray Aline's "freaks," and that was released to rave reviews last year. Her first ballad, the video features the talents of Brix Nobodee, an internationally recognized tattoo artist, and Terra Jole, Lifetime Channel star of "Little Women of L.A." 



  • Put her on the map in the gay and underground/alternative scene with a cross-over to the pop market


  • Strong brand and linear songwriting and sound put artist on the map several singles and music video's with combined views of 1.5 million plus


  • Publishing deal with BMG Chrysalis


  • Nationwide club promo



  • Nationwide Press


  • Music Video Award Nomination in Germany


  • Countless write-ups and reviews


  • Paid club gigs around the United States


  • DJ Club Charts Play


  • Celebrity Remixes


  • Successful kickstarter that raised 20K 

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